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Alliance Finance Co., PLC
Sustainability Initiatives

From planting millions of trees to promoting organic cultivation, the AFC sustainability drive is in full swing. Read more about our projects here.

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Biodiversity Conservation and eco system restoration projects

Hill Country Leopard
Conservation Project

AFC has joined hands with the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust, founded by Dr Andrew Kittle and Anjali Watson- veteran conservationists and Leopard specialists, as their Financing Partner for the Peak Ridge Forest Corridor Project. The objective of this collaboration is to help protect the Hill Country Leopards and minimize human – leopard encounters, whilst restoring eco-system of the selected area in the Central Hills of Sri Lanka.

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We are Alliance Finance Co., PLC

Ours is a story spanning four generations and 65+ years. As Sri Lanka's oldest finance company, our enterprise is built on the core values of trust, integrity, respect, accountability, innovation and teamwork. Established with a shared vision of embedding growth and prosperity to our customers lives, our portfolio consists of a range of products and services, from investments to financing services such as Leasing, Speed Cash, Development Finance and Gold Loans.

Our purpose is to make the world a better place through sustainable finance and it's a mission that not only resonates with us- but with everyone who shares this planet with us.

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